Coast Capital Savings Gained a Passionate and Skilled Employee.
October 13, 2017

My family moved from Philippines to Canada two years ago.  During my first few months it was very difficult to get a job that aligned with my previous work background. I applied with different companies only to get no positive feedbacks. After countless tries, I eventually got accepted at a very reputable company, but career and personal-wise, it was a job that was less than I had hoped for.

Although I was already working for this company, I still tried to look for other jobs but still had no positive results. It came to a point that I felt lost and frustrated.  Sometime in late 2015, my wife and I went to a job fair organized by Options Community Services. I already had a job at that time so I was there just to accompany my wife. There, I met an Employment Specialist from Options who was the job fair event organizer.

I told her a bit about my background and the struggles every new immigrant faced. With great enthusiasm, she invited me to join Option’s Career Mentoring Program. I accepted her invitation and found myself a few weeks later attending the program’s information session and was assigned a Mentor from Coast Capital Savings a few days after.

I attended one-on-one sessions with my Mentor, and what struck me the most was the level of dedication my Mentor poured towards simply helping me! She helped me rediscover my life’s mission/vision, offered invaluable insights about my career path, and strategized the steps I needed to take to get where I envisioned myself to be.

To my delight, the doors of opportunity opened and there was hope! Three months after my first session with my Mentor, I was very proud to work along-side with her again, but this time not as a Mentee, but as an employee of the same organization she worked for! And I have been passionately, joyfully working for Coast Capital Savings to this day. I have been growing with the organization ever since and I was also recently handed the opportunity for promotion to the next banking role.

It was because of my Mentor’s guidance and the support that I received from Coast Capital Savings in building my career that helped changed my life. And it was because of Option’s Career Mentoring Program that I finally found the hope that literally turned around my life and career in Canada.

My advice to newcomers looking for work is for them to have the courage and patience to find their dream job. They must be open to getting help from organizations such providing employment supports in Surrey. They must be receptive of the feedbacks and lessons taught to them by their Mentors or Coaches. They must strive to learn continuously. But most of all, they must be driven to pursue their heart’s desire.

This story was shared by Eric Pascua and Options Community Services in support of Surrey NEW.